We're Growing! Introducing Qualicare Sarasota

In August, new franchise partners Chris and Dana Hiser launched Qualicare Sarasota in Florida, starting out strong with 3 territories! As the couple researched franchises, Qualicare stood out to them as a business that “just didn’t have any cons!” The Hisers also experienced grandparents who needed home care, and it was “near and dear to our heart,” Dana said. 

Learn more about Chris and Dana in today’s blog! 

Chris and Dana, what led you to Qualicare?

“I studied business administration, and the first job I had was a project coordinator that controls the electric grid,” said Chris. “Then I moved on to finance and pricing with the 2nd largest pharmaceutical wholesaler. I wanted to leave that job because I was burnt out, and I wanted to do something I enjoyed more.” 

The couple found Qualicare organically while researching successful franchise opportunities. After getting in touch with a franchise consultant, “We evaluated a bunch of franchises and Qualicare kept sticking out to us,” Chris said. 

Dana, who studied history and psychology, will continue working at her job as a business analyst for now, while helping to get the new Qualicare franchise on its feet. Qualicare was an appealing franchise, said Dana, in part because “it was something that wasn’t easily influenced by the economy. And we both really like helping people.” 

Where have you found joy in your new work?

“The people, and the relationship side with people and clients, that’s my bread and butter,” Dana said. 

The Hisers divided duties of the new business, and, according to Chris, “We both have good strong suits that are opposite of one another. It’s making it easier for me.” Dana is more focused on the human relations and customer service side, while Chris is more focused on the business. At the moment, Chris is heavily networking and getting to know the community.

When asked what brings him joy, Chris said: “Networking for sure, which ironically isn’t my strong suit,” Chris said. “It’s something I’m learning, and being the owner allows me that privilege now, and that freedom. And, [joy is found] in setting up the business, I’m fascinated by the business side of things.” 

In what ways do you feel supported by Qualicare's home office?

From the beginning, Chris and Dana say they received incredible support from the highest levels of Qualicare’s home office. “We had a ton of questions, and Nathan Weber (VP of Business Development) was fantastic, taking the time to answer everything,” Chris said. 

Every Thursday, Chris and Dana sign on to QConnect, a meeting with franchise partners and the home team. “The help that you have is fantastic,” Chris said. “Starting a business by yourself is one thing. But having a franchise with all this knowledge, and willingness to help, is huge.” 

The Hisers said that when they needed assistance with their onboarding processes, they reached out to a franchise partner in Canada, who sent their entire process. “I was able to look at that, take pieces of it, make it our own, and really build that into our process,” Chris said. 

What are your goals for the future?

“For me, the goal is to get the franchise profitable to leave my job and be full time in Qualicare,” Dana said. She added that they would like to get connected with the Veteran’s community in Florida, and see how they might be able to serve them as well. 

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