How to Grow a Qualicare Client Base

How to Grow a Qualicare Client Base

This summer, Google released two new “core updates,” shaking up the algorithms used for internet searches. The June “core updates” brought web traffic down for some companies, and up for others. It is not uncommon for Google to shake up its algorithms, and it’s important for companies to be ready for traffic to unexpectedly fall from their websites.

Many companies, including Qualicare, therefore use a multi-pronged approach to attracting clients that are not limited to digital marketing. Companies that rely on several channels to attract clients can rest more easily knowing their company is continuously advertised, even when Google shakes up its algorithms multiple times per year. 

The Covid-19 pandemic ushered in a home health care boom that favourably impacted Qualicare franchises. According to Nathan Weber, Qualicare’s Vice President of Franchise Development, Qualicare saw a growth of 50% more new franchises than the previous two years.

As the world moves into a post-pandemic paradigm, home health care will remain a great need. By 2030, all baby boomers will have reached retirement age. One in eight of those elderly adults living at home will require long-term care, with conditions ranging from dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer, and long-term recovery from surgeries.

As families of loved ones needing long-term care to ask the question “how much does senior care cost?” Prospective clients will be searching out options for affordable long-term care through personal referrals and internet searches.

So how does an in-home senior care franchise owner connect with people who need the best senior home care available?

Here are three ways Qualicare recommends finding clients:

Networking to build a client base

Referrals from health care workers are key to establishing a client base. Since so many of the clients coming to Qualicare have spent time at hospitals and in health care facilities, establishing relationships with the care providers themselves is an important first step in getting the word out about your Qualicare franchise.

It is recommended for franchise owners to spend their first year frequently networking with health care workers, hospital social workers, family doctors, health care specialists, discharge planners and community health organizations, who can build a bridge between a Qualicare business and clients who are in need of long-term care.

Members of the clergy and hospital chaplains who minister to people experiencing health care difficulties are important people to get to know as well. Essentially, anyone who might be assisting seniors and people with health care challenges is important to be in contact with, as they will be able to refer Qualicare to those in need.

Networking to build a client base also naturally occurs when hiring quality employees. Consider that a nurse of many years will have relationships with numerous people in the healthcare industry, who can provide referrals to prospective clients. The strength of the employee will correspond to the strength of a natural network of new clients, and Qualicare helps franchise owners to find great employees.
Digital Marketing
Qualicare utilizes the latest digital marketing systems including Google and Facebook advertising. As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, these systems shake up search engine algorithms regularly, so Qualicare utilizes a variety of inbound and outbound marketing strategies to be sure our content remains easily searchable.

Here are a few ways Qualicare makes sure prospective clients can find the best senior home care available through digital marketing:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Qualicare regularly investigates the most-searched-for keywords for senior home health care and integrates these keywords into the company’s digital footprint (like this blog you’re reading!) and Qualicare’s online resource library.
  • Email and content marketing: such as blog content, handbooks for seniors and email campaigns aiming at both educating our client base and offering our services
  • Mobile display advertisements: managed by a trusted vendor in partnership with each franchise owner
Media Relations & Public Relations

Feature articles in newspapers and magazines are a fantastic free way to attract clients who are in search of both long-term care for a loved one and are curious to learn more about senior care franchise opportunities. Qualicare founders Wayne and Andrea Nathanson regularly were featured in their community’s press, which helped to elevate Qualicare’s mission and attract clients.

Media relations can be as simple as pitching an inspiring story about a Qualicare employee or client to a reporter or inviting members of the media to cover Qualicare’s events. A basic press release or media advisory that is sent to members of the media informs news outlets of a story they might want to cover.

Additionally, speaking at events or seminars is a public relations tool to advertise Qualicare’s services with other healthcare and business professionals. Regularly participating in community events also elevates Qualicare’s message, and incorporates Qualicare’s services into the community’s health care network.

Interested in learning more?

The home health care business will have no shortage of prospective clients in the coming years, and Qualicare’s model continues to meet the needs of people seeking out long-term care.

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